Operational Consultation

– Customers Operations through engagements, products & services         for supporting Organizations’ Revenue & Profitability Objectives.
– Innovation of Products & Services development to Customers &             Market by improving quality, price & speed till the end of
    development process.
– Creating the Supply Chain Role through Procurement, Logistics &         Warehousing.
– Creating the PMO (Project Management Office) Role in
    Construction & Real Estate Field through Technical Office, Cost
    Control Engineering & Planning Engineer.
– Productivity Cost Optimization of Cost Operation mapping with
    Cost Accounting.
– Vendors Operations (Suppliers & Sub-Contractors) through
    engagements, material & services for supporting Organizations’
    Costing & Optimizing Objectives.
– Lean Methodology of Manufacturing, Production & Warehousing
– Creating the BD (Business Development) Role through Sales &
– Creating the Tendering Role through Market Control & Business
– Implementing the QA & QC, HSE and ISO’s Processes &